Ashley Goddyn

Hi, I’m Ashley.  Born and raised in White Rock B.C.

As a youth I loathed growing up in this small town (yes it was actually very small 25 + years ago).  You couldn’t bolt to the drug store when sick and looking your worse without running into 5 people you knew…and the hunkiest boy too always.  I was excited when I moved away to Victoria a year after graduating to attend college and get some grown up life experience.

I attended college for 1.5 years living off campus with my girlfriend roommies before deciding that book smarts was not my forte.  I needed to do something more creative and so I enrolled in Hair school.  I started in Victoria and finished my 2 year program back in White Rock in 2003.   Sensing my entrepreneurial spirit (in other words… discovering I didn’t really like to be told how to perform) I moved to Vancouver and started renting a chair in a hair salon where I worked for myself.   I loved the whimsical-ness of hair styling and I was good at it…in fact to this day I still have to do a few peoples hair that I cannot get out of).  But the long days standing and the chemicals began to hurt my back and skin.  I also craved more intellect and challenge in a career.

In 2006 I entered the real estate world.   Around this time my mother began recruiting me to enter the family business as a Notary Public but it just wasn’t for me (…yet).   I needed to be free, un-routined, flexible and fluid.  The thought of a 9-5 job choked me (still kinda does).

I got my real estate license in 2007 and rode the gravy train in the height of the Vancouver market for a year and a half.  That is until the global recession hit us on the West Coast in the late part of 2008.

I got married in 2009, got pregnant the same year and moved back to White Rock in the very same community where I grew up (actually trying to buy my very childhood house) in which I all home today.  Having a baby and working the real estate gig was hard but manageable.  It wasn’t until my 2nd child was born that I realized raising 2 kids (with a husband that works a 9-5-er) coupled with the unpredictability of a realtor career that I wanted more predictability.  I love real estate and have been investing in it since I was 23 years old but what could offer a rewarding experience, allow me to keep my entrepreneurial muscle, have the potential to make good-to-great income, challenge me AND work from home?…  Enter the idea of mortgage brokering.  Which by the way shouldn’t have been far fetched given my background and experience.  I already had to take the real estate course once, I could do it again right?

I took the course again and landed my mortgage brokers license in 2013.  In Nov 2013, I joined Verico Xeva Mortgage where I have been since.

Today, I continue to actively invest in real estate while helping other property owners acquire revenue property.   I also oversee the Notary practice of J.Amber Goddyn & Co. as the business manager.

Most importantly though, I more thoroughly enjoy my life with each passing year, loving my family with 2 precious children and appreciating all that this community be (the one I couldn’t wait to leave as a young adult).

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