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How I found my best revenue investment property yet!

After months of looking for my next real estate investment (in an insane 2016 record breaking sellers market in the Lower Mainland B.C.)… I found my gold nugget! I had no advantages to find this property, only a plan, preparedness and strict tenacity. Watch this video and find out how I bought this property privately, under value, locally in South […]
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If You’ve Ever Tried and Failed at Budgeting

This article was written by Sandi Martin from Spring Personal Finance and was originally published on Spring the Blog July 21st 2015, but it was so good we wanted to share it on our blog as well! If you’ve ever tried and failed at budgeting, or if you’ve never tried […]
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Understanding The Mind of a Lender

Have you ever been approved for a mortgage? More importantly, have you ever been declined? Do you know why you were approved or declined? Or maybe you are brand new to the whole mortgage process… regardless, happy to have you here! This is the introduction post to a short series that explores a lender’s decision making process that […]
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Xeva Mortgage Now Proudly Offering Products by CFF Bank

I am proud to announce that Xeva Mortgage has purchased the franchise rights to the 37th Canadian First Financial Centre and is now offering products from CFF Bank! So in addition to mortgages, if you are looking for any of the following personal banking or investment products, I can help you out! High […]
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Should You Be Concerned About Canadian Household Debt Levels?

Despite what you may see on TV, hear on the radio, or read online, there is strong evidence that although Canadian household debt is at an all time record high, Canadians are doing just fine financially. How can that be? Canadians are a whopping 1.8 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt. << and […]