Bank Of Canada 0.25% Rate Increase July 2017

The following is the latest Bank of Canada rate announcement if you have any questions about what this rate increase means for you and your mortgage, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.  If you’re a fixed rate mortgage holder, this change doesn’t impact you, however, if you are a variable rate mortgage holder, you can expect bank prime to […]
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If the deal is so good… why arent’ you taking it?

This question was asked to me recently during a conversation about real estate investment opportunities and it made me realize that it’s probably a question on many people’s mind. First of all, let me explain to you my life’s purpose and why I do what I do. My purpose is to begin a generational financial legacy for my family and inspire others […]
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Forget what you knew about mortgages

Your Mortgage is a Blank Canvas | Mar 23, 2017 Forget what you thought you knew about qualifying for a mortgage. The reset button has been pressed, the game has changed, and everyone is starting with a clean slate. The most recent government […]
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How to get a mortgage (when you’re not the ideal borrower)

You can get a mortgage if you’re self-employed, got a poor credit history, or if you own more than three rental properties. First published by Ramona King of money sense in October 2015, this blog post still rings true today.If you’re a credit-worthy employee at a Fortune 500 company and don’t have […]
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NEW Mortgage Rules mean BIG changes

By now you will have seen the details of the significant changes to the mortgage market announced by the Finance Minister but how will they impact the market? In a nutshell – it will be big. The changes fundamentally impact the demand side of the supply/demand relationship. Over that past 7 years, market demand at the entry and mid level […]