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NEW Mortgage Rules mean BIG changes

By now you will have seen the details of the significant changes to the mortgage market announced by the Finance Minister but how will they impact the market? In a nutshell – it will be big. The changes fundamentally impact the demand side of the supply/demand relationship. Over that past 7 years, market demand at the entry and mid level […]
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How I found my best revenue investment property yet!

After months of looking for my next real estate investment (in an insane 2016 record breaking sellers market in the Lower Mainland B.C.)… I found my gold nugget! I had no advantages to find this property, only a plan, preparedness and strict tenacity. Watch this video and find out how I bought this property privately, under value, locally in South […]
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Thinking of Building a New House? Ask Yourself these 7 Questions First!

Building your dream home can sound really exciting, but have you thought about everything that goes into building a new home? Here are 7 Questions you should ask yourself before making any concrete plans! 1. What are my expectations with this new home? Are you looking for a custom home build […]
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How the Big Banks will cost you tons of money.

Understanding IRD penalties When asked about Lenders most Borrowers think of The Big 5  {TD Bank Scotia Bank, RBC, CIBC, BMO}  Why?  Because they are Brand Names. And what happens with Brand Names?  …..You pay more. Just like the Starbucks coffee you buy on your way to work or your favourite designer jeans, you are paying for the […]
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Is It Better To Buy A NEW House or RESALE House?

The decision to buy a home is usually both exciting and daunting. While you may know the size or style of home you want, such as condominium or townhouse, the choice between a new or resale home is another important consideration. Both new and resale homes have their advantages and drawbacks, which may range from having a home with character […]