If the deal is so good… why arent’ you taking it?

This question was asked to me recently during a conversation about real estate investment opportunities and it made me realize that it’s probably a question on many people’s mind.

First of all, let me explain to you my life’s purpose and why I do what I do.

My purpose is to begin a generational financial legacy for my family and inspire others to do the same so we can thrive and live significantly fulfilled lives. 

I believe that:

  • Real Estate delivers Wealth (over time)
  • Wealth delivers Freedom
  • Freedom delivers Impact
  • Impact delivers Significance
  • And Significance delivers Legacy

It’s all about money until you can shift the tides and it’s not about money.    In order for it to not be about money, the tides need to shift.

Money needs to be taken out of the equation.  No worries about it, an abundance of it coming in consistently every single month no matter what you do, plenty of it to share and give others, it just becomes so reliable in life that you don’t think about it.  It’s always there and because of that, you have the freedom to choose how you spend your days.

In order to get to that place, you need to work and set yourselves up.   How are you going to do that?  The only way I know how (when creating it from the beginning) is via real estate.

I work as a mortgage broker and real estate licensee by choice.   I choose this work for the sale of learning and to understand how to finance deals and to have intel on real estate opportunities so that I can take advantage of it and grow my own estate portfolio.  Remember my purpose?  It’s self-serving.  My #1 priority is my purpose.  However, have you ever tried to buy real estate without income?   Banks don’t like that and they particularly frown upon the professional real estate investor.  In other words, it will be easiest for you to secure financing if you a) have a job or b) have reported a minimum of 2 years self-employed income where you are earning income.   Words of wisdom… don’t swim against the current.  Go with the flow and work with the system that we have (Canadian financing regulations) and learn to use it to your advantage.

Now along the way,  I come across a lot of opportunities that I cannot (or am not interested in pursuing) buy because you can’t buy everything all at once.  Real Estate investing is as much as a time game as it is a property game.  You only have so much capital resources at one given time.  When using the Buy-Rent-Hold Strategy (and everyone should be implementing this strategy into their portfolio),  you need 20-25% down payment and need time to have that asset’s principal mortgage be paid down and appreciate before you will have the opportunity to refinance (subject to qualifying) to pull your deposit out (and possibly more) to take to the next investment (yes, of course, there are other ways to expedite the process with Joint Venture partners and commercial underwriting policies, but I am not talking about these options at the moment).  So when I am personally in the middle of buying something and another good deal comes up, I can’t take advantage of it but I might as well pass it along to my Clientele to help them.  Remember my purpose?  This is part of me living a significant & fulfilled life by being able to positively impact the lives of others.

Also equally important to comment on is the fact that your risk tolerance and motivations change with experience.  It’s a hierarchical ladder so to speak.  Start off small and manageable and move towards bigger deals as you become more experienced (what I am looking forward now is not what I looked for a decade ago).  Of course, to grow and move up the ladder you may get bumps and bruises along the way, but that is wisdom! You can’t get given that.  You earn that!  And guess what?  ALLLLLL real estate goes up in value over Time.  TIME being the operative word.   Timing is more important than location, location, location.

So back to that conversation with that person who asked me if these are such good deals why don’t you take them?   As a matter of fact, while I was having this very conversation, I was sitting in an open house that I was hosting on a new property that I tied up under contract and selling on assignment (check it out here).  As of this moment writing this post we have a conditional accepted offer.  I will share details once its firm.

The answer to that fella’s questions could have been simply, the deals are small for me and I am currently tied up in another transaction but I felt that the question warranted much more depth of insight and details. :)


P.S.  That’s me in the green coat winning the Single Family Deal of the Year Award.


Ashley Goddyn
Everyone deserves the value of property ownership. When shopping for financing, it’s not the lowest rate that’s going to get you to your goals, it’s the right advice at the right time working with the right strategy that is. Hi, I'm Ashley Goddyn, when I'm not helping my clients finance property, I can be found investing in real estate, loving life as a wife and mother, living a Paleo lifestyle, tackling DIY projects and shopping for home decor. Oh, and sometimes I find time to sleep! Sometimes...

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