Areas Of Expertise


Being an Entrepreneur means different things to different people, but what is does mean to a prospective Lender is that you are required to qualify under different guidelines as as your employed counterparts.   Fortunately we know how to structure the deal to get you Money.

As business owners ourselves we understand different business structures and the challenges Entrepreneurs face when it comes to getting mortgage financing and we are rich in resources to get you the Money. Whether you are commissioned, show substantially lower net income on your tax returns or earn dividends; we can help.

Real Estate Investors

Getting financing for the real estate investor has never been more difficult.  Options are limited once you have over 4 rental properties and it requires knowledge, experience and finesse to navigate through hundreds of underwriting policies and present the deal appropriately.  Any small inaccuracy can stop kill the deal.

Most Lenders that do offer financing  for the professional Landlord can only be accessed through the broker channel.    The industry has changed at rates and products that were once available are no longer.  Working with a mortgage professional who is proficient in rentals is key to success.

Rent To Own Financing

Rent To Own financing is a niche type of financing that is slowly gaining more popularity.  We have been involved with Rent To Owns since February 2011.

The most crucial component of  rent to own financing is how it is structures at the beginning of the rent to own program.  There is a specific way to write the contracts and specific elements that need to be included to ensure success.  Different Lenders have different criterion and policies and being in the know is critical.

We prefer to work with any Tenant Buyers from inception into the program, helping you qualify the lead and produce an achievable rent to program outline for the future.

With Rent To Own financing, as most initial deposits and option credits are 95% non-refundable,  most of the underwriting (qualifying) is done upfront before they even take possession of the property.   This is the most prudent practice and one that we specialize in.


People are living longer these days and are running out of money before running out of Life.  If this is the case and you own 1 or more property, a reverse mortgage may be your winning solution.   While we understand that you may want to leave an inheritance to your loved ones, not stressing about money and sustaining a good quality of life in your latter years is utmost important.  A reverse mortgage can deliver balance by using up to 50% pf the property’s equity to fund your lifestyle while leaving some money to those you love when you’re gone.

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